The Birth of Over A Cigar

This post may or may not be of interest for you, but I am posting it anyway.

Back in 2012 I was asked to help someone with some audio for a podcast they were doing. It was my first introduction to a merging technology. I really had no idea why people would want to do or listen to a podcast. After helping them I started thinking – if I were going to do a podcast what would I do one on and how would it be interesting. Well at the time there were only a few “Cigar” podcast and they were extremely boring (to me at least). They all had the same format and I found it hard to listen to. So, after some thought I approached my friend Graham with a concept. Let’s do a cigar podcast that would be a Cigar Lounge atmosphere. It would be not only talking about cigars but things we all talk about while hanging in a lounge.

So, after kicking it around for a while we agreed and established a couple ground rules. There were only 2 things we would not talk about.  Religion and Politics were off the table. We wanted to keep it fun and light.

The next hurtle we had was technology was not so hot back then. We had to use cordless phones on a land line to call into the podcasting website. This produced a horrible sound quality. Listen to our early shows and you will hear exactly what I am speaking about. The other aspect of the land line phones that was odd was we would all sit around doing the podcast on phones looking at each other with the phones to our ears. Thank God technology progressed.

Well things progressed with the show in a lot of ways. We got better equipment, bigger staff and increased listenership. Well, this went really well for about 3 years and then I think we burned out. There is a lot more to it but I will just leave it at that.

So, after a few years of missing the fun that was the show it is coming back. It will not be the same crew but will be the same fun and mindless humor. So if you enjoy cigars, dumb humor and making fun of life and all that happens – please listen in!