Back again but different?

Welcome to Over A Cigar. We started back in 2012 when podcasting was in its infancy. We set out to do a show that was going to be different than the handful of cigar podcasts that were available then. We wanted to base our show on a cigar lounge atmosphere. We wanted to keep it fun and hopefully interesting for everyone. So, we agreed that concept of the show was “what do friends talk about Over A Cigar?”.

We had a few years of an incredible ride of going to shops around the country. We got to speak and hangout with celebrities in the cigar industry. We smoked a ton of good cigars.  We drank more than we should have on occasions than we should. It was all a lot of both work and fun. But the show ended for various reasons.

Well, a few of us are coming back and bringing Over A Cigar back. We cannot make any promises other than we hope to have a lot of fun again. With any luck we will be entertaining and will earning your listening once again.

We have a bunch of the old shows posted for you to visit. You will hear crew changes and sound quality change over the different show. We promise we have them all worked out now.

Gary was a frequent guest and you could say part time host on the original podcast. Well he is now been released and is one of the Host of the show (God help us all). He brings a unique sense of humor and much more that you will need to listen to fully understand.
Well what can we say except he will not go away! One of the original host and the creator of Over A Cigar. He is bringing this mess back for a lack of anything better to do in his life. Bringing what cigar and whiskey knowledge he has to the show along with a odd sense of humor.

What do you talk about on the show?

Speak with Cigar Celebrities’

Cigar Reviews

and Just Having Fun!