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February 4th show 7 pm est

Mystery Connecticut Cigars? We removed the bands and will smoke them and give you our thoughts without knowing the blend.Our old friend Jack Torano of Duran Cigars will be calling in to say “Hello” and share whats going on at Duran Cigars. Click HERE to visit their site!

Over A Cigar

Over A Cigar is as simple as it can get. What do friends talk about over a cigar. We will discuss everything under the sun and usually none of it with any level of seriousness.

We will discuss cigars and even try to share a little cigar education now and then. We will talk about stuff going on in the world, sports and just general bulls#@!  We consider this show our weekly therapy and hopefully it will become part of your weekly release of stress also.

Life is way to short to be serious all the time. So listen in or even better yet call in and join the conversation by calling in to the show. We are live Thursday Nights from 7 – 9 pm est.

Enjoy a good cigar and relax!

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Relax and have a Cigar!

Sit in and listen or call into our show!

Support Our Troops by helping them have a cigar while they protect our freedom!


Support Our Freedoms and Rights! Support Cigar Rights of America


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