• The Last Hoorah! - Dec 06,2013
    Well all things must end - and this is the last show we will be doing. We are wrapping up this show tonight. We will reminnse about all the past shows and oof course get drunk! We want to thank everyone for the last year and a half of a great time!
  • My Uzi Weighs a Ton - Nov 22,2013
    Tonight we will be smoking My Uzi Weighs a Ton cigars. We all have seen them here on the show but we haven't tried them as of yet. So tonight we will find out. We will not be doing a show next week due to it being Thanksgiving so I am sure we will talk about the crap that goes on at family gatherings.
  • Puros Santigo Cigars - Nov 15,2013
    Tonight we will have the owner of Puros Santigo Cigars in studio. We will smoke and review their newest sticks. Niko will be sharing his thoughts on another pipe tobacco.
  • Back from Florida - Nov 08,2013
    We went to Florida and visited a few of the cigar manufactures. We will re-cap our trip and smoke some of the cigars we got on the trip. We had some fun and we will share our experiences.
  • Re-Broadcast of Older Show - Oct 31,2013
    Well we are out getting candy or cigars - whichever people are willing to handout to us. We will be re-broadcasting one of our older shows tonight. It is when came to visit us. Talk to you next week.
  • Leaf and Bean - Oct 24,2013
    Tonight we will be having Jim Robinson join us on air from the Leaf and Bean in the Strip in Pittsburgh, PA. Vince got to visit this incredible shop on Friday and broad back some stories of his travels as well as praise for this great shop. We will be sampling the unique house blends that Jim makes and he will share the story behind them.
  • Guerra Cigars - A New Boutique Cigar - Oct 17,2013
    Guearra is a small batch production, blended by Abe Flores from Pinar del Rio in the Dominican Republic. At first glance the cigar and it's packaging looks like it is straight out of Cuba; from the packaging colors and artwork on the box to the wrapper and pigtail of the cigars. The cigars boasts a Criollo 98 Ecuadorian wrapper, a Dominican Habano binde […]


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