• SFTB - Redo of R.A. And Hammer part 1
    This is a recorded episode. We had to throw you guys a remastered version after it was brought to SFTB's attention of the audio difficulties regarding a few shows ago. Thanks and enjoy part 1
  • Daniel Marshall's and Pre-IPCPR
    We smoked Daniel Marshall's Red Label Cigars the other week but he wasn't able to call in, this week is different! He will be calling in and talking to us about his cigars and humidors. We will be discussing Vince's visit this coming weekend to Las Vegas to IPCPR. We are extremely jealous!
  • SFTB - Mantiques 4
    Hey guys, SFTB is Hanging out with the fellas from Mantiques in Janesville, Wi. Email SFTB at
  • Herrera Esteli Cigars and Limoncello
    Well tonight will be a first in a few ways for some of us. Some have never had Herrera Esteli Cigars and some haven't had Limoncello. Etiher way it will be an exciting night. World Cup! How can we not discuss all the excitment surronding that event! We will be discussing moving to a new studio!
  • SFTB - To Be Determined
    Hey guys, it's just R.A. Rob, Hammer and special guest Liam. The guys are just going to talk about whatever... REALLY. So, enjoy!
  • La Gloria Cubana and Michael Gianinni
    Tonight we will be smoking La Gloria Cubana cigars in various shapes, sizes and blends. We will also be honored with a cal from the Director - Michael Gianinni. We will discuss the various blends, whats new on horizon for La Gloria also. We will be pairing with a tawney port and see how that fits in the mix.
  • Daniel Marshall Cigars and What the Hell is a Cronut?
    Tonight we will be smking Daniel Marshall's Red Label cigars and hopefully have the pleasure of Daniel himself calling in. We will learn about the Red Label cigars, his humidor line and his famous 24k gold wrapper cigar. Well it isn't a cigar but it is something cigar smokers tend to enjoy - donuts. Well there has been a buzz about Cronuts. What ar […]


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